10 Must-Follow Tips for Healthy Hair by a Dermatologist

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Healthy hair is what most people crave for but due to this polluted environmental air, hot sun rays, and improper hair care can steal your Prince Charming or some princess dream.

Most of the common hair problems include hair loss, greying, dandruff, split ends, frizzy hair. And I think you people might also be having one of this issues.

If yes, let me know how you are treating them right now! If you are not treating them, don’t worry, we will give you some of the best tips that will make your hair smooth, silky, strong, and will help attain its natural color.

Don’t worry, all of the tips today we are going to give you are recommended by a dermatologist. For reference, here’s the video down below.

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Healthy Hair Tips by Dermatologist –

These tips for healthy hair are given by Dermatologist Dr. Geeta Patel, who has 19 years of experience in this field! You can keep reading or scroll down to watch the video.

Always Protect Your Hair –

Sun, wind, rain, and too much heat and pollution can cause too much dirt build-up on the scalp and leave the sensitivity to the infections and drying of the scalp in the hair.

Deal Carefully With Wet Hair –

Whenever you are out of the shower, let your hair dry a little bit and then comb. Hair is most vulnerable when it is wet.

I’ve already discussed how improper hair oiling can cause hair to fall.

Condition Your Hair –

Conditioners are used to seal the moisture in the hair and that’s necessary for healthy hair. Missing the conditioner might be the reason why your hair is frizzy. I

Condition The Right Way –

Condition is meant only for the hair, not for the scalp. So, always make sure you’re applying the conditioner 2″ inches away from your scalp. Applying on the scalp can lead to a greasy scalp.

Use Same Line Shampoo & Conditioner –

Using the same line conditioner and shampoo has been shown to give far better results.

Don’t Overuse Heat On The Hair –

Heat removes the moisture from the hair, thus, making it dry and frizzy. Whenever you have to use straightening rods, ironing rods, curling rods, use it sparingly, and never forget to use a heat protectant spray before.

Do Not Tie Your Hair Tightly –

At bed time don’t tie your hair too tightly, this can cause hair breakage and damage your hair.

Wash Your Hair With Cold Water –

Washing your hair with hot water can completely dry out your hair and scalp, removing all of the essential oils from it. Thus, again, making it frizzy, dry, and lead to hair fall.

Don’t Tease Your Hair –

Even if teasing increases the hair volume it ruins the hair texture, also, make sure you brush the hair effectively so as to spread the natural hair oil all over the hair.

Healthy Eating –

Health on the inside reflects on the hair too. Certain nutrients like iron, protein, and vitamins are essential for hair health and growth. If you are deficient do consult your physician to consider supplements.

Remember to always follow a diet which is rich in all these supplements.

Tips For Healthy Hair By Dr. Geeta Patel

Source: Youtube | Dermatologist: Dr. Geeta Patel

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So, these were 10 must-follow tips for healthy hair by a dermatologist and I hope these will help your hair to stay healthy, smooth, and shiny.

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