Skin Care Routine By Dermatologist That You Must-Follow!

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Before trying to follow any skincare routine blindly, many of us do want to be assured while we follow it. We don’t want any side effects on our skin.

That’s why we need to consult a dermatologist who is experienced in that particular field.

Today, I’ve bought you a complete day and night skin care routine by dermatologist.

This routine is divided in two parts, Day and Night, and going to mention all of the products, and tips so you don’t have to worry any of that.

This skin care routine by dermatologist is by Dr. Geeta Patel who has 19 years of experience. That experience can definitely guarantee you some good results.

Ok, now, without wasting any time lets see the skincare routine!

Skin Care Routine By Dermatologist –

To guarantee you that this skincare routine is 100% by a Dermatologist, here’s a video you can checkout instead of reading, and for product recommendations you can scroll down below.

Skin Care routine by Dermatologist | Dr. Geeta Patel

In the above video, Dr. Geeta Patel talks about her personal skincare routine.

In this video Dr. Geeta Patel says,

Day Care Routine –

“I have extremely dry skin and my face cant’ itself protect from harsh environmental pollutants.

Cleanser –

When you have dry skin, you develop cracks in its outermost layer and which compromises hydration.

Also, you have to remember, if you have dry skin you have to very vigilant, on what kind of a cleanser you would use.”

Absolutely, if you have dry skin, you have to be more careful while choosing your cleanser. I recommend cleansers with tea tree oil, vitamin E and those which will not disturb your pH level.

There’s a thin layer on top of your skin, that should not get any damage, that’s why choosing the right cleanser is mandatory.

You don’t have to worry about that, I’ve researched and found the best cleanser for dry skin.

Check out dermatological tested Cetaphil gentle cleanser

Skin Care Routine By A Dermatologist
Cetpahil Gentle Clenser

Ok, continuing further she says,

Serum –

“I always use cold water to wash my face and avoid hot water. Hot water strips all of the natural oils from the skin, as my skin is already dry, I avoid using hot water.

After cleansing, I skip on toner and use a Antioxidant Serum.

So, what are antioxidant serum?

Antioxidant serums are nutrient reach supercharged molecules, which has the capacity to blunt the inflammatory responses, which are induced by the skin due to ultraviolet rays.

Now, as you know what antioxidant serum is, here’s my recommendation to it.

StBotanica Anti Oxidant Boost Serum + Moisturizer

Skin Care Routine By Dermatologist

The best part of this serum is, it’s toxin free, no harmful chemicals, and filled up with amazing antioxidants like Vitamin C, E, Retinols, and Niacinamide.

You are going to find these recommendations form most skin care routine by dermatologist.

Also, you don’t have to buy any extra moisturizer!

Moving further,

Under Eye Cream –

“After that I apply just an under eye cream in my under eye area, this helps to keep my area elastic and also, helps against the collagen lost.

You can choose any under eye cream, also, you can keep using if you are right now. And if you do not, check out links down below!

Acne Spot Treatment –

“If you have a acne you can put a spot treatment on the particular area”

Again, you can use any spot treatment, and if you have no idea, checkout below links!

Going further,

Moisturizer –

“After this comes moisturizer, very important step, all the havoc that is wreaked on our skin by the UV rays and environmental pollutants, it’s very essential to lock in the hydrants.

It’s very essential to apply moisturizer, not only for face but also for whole body after bath.

You can use the above serum, because it’s also a moisturizer.

Sunblock –

“Then the last of all I put on a physical sunblock and because I’ve a dry skin, I make sure that the physical sunblock has Moisturizing base.”

Whatever skin type you have, a moisturizer and sunscreen is a must use. If you already use a sunblock, that’s amazing and if you don’t, we have some recommendations for you.

So, this was all about Day Skin Routine By Dermatologist, and now let’s talk about Night Time Routine.

Night Care Routine –

Dr. Geeta Patel says,

“Night care routine is also equally important because at night skin renews and repairs itself. Take a good look at what you are applying for at night.

If you find your skin irritable type, then you got to hydrate it and protect it, if you find it’s dull type, then you have to exfoliate it.

Micellar Water-

Before you put on anything, remove your makeup with micellar water. It helps to remove excess oil, sebum, dirt, and makeup.”

If you don’t remove makeup before sleeping, then remember that you are aging your skin more quickly.

It’s pretty important to remove makeup before going to sleep, and you will find this tip from every skin care routine by dermatologist.

I’ve got you the best Micellar water to remove makeup,

Bioderma Sensibio Make-up Removing Micellar Water For Sensitive Skin –

skin care routine by dermatologist

Best part of the Micellar water is it’s made for dry and sensitive skin and also, it’s toxic free.

Moving forward,

“After using micellar water, first thing that I do is put under eye cream.

Why should we have a separate under eye cream and face cream?

Because, the under-eye area, the skin is much thinner and is very prone to show signs of aging and much faster. So, we have a separate set of under-eye serums and cream.

Treatment Serum –

treatment serum is basically an active ingredient, I generally apply what is required at that time. So, it can vary from Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or just a plain moisturizer.

Treatment serums are only as per requirement or what your skin condition is at that time. It needs to be applied cautiously, I recommend a consultation before trying anything.

Final step,

“After putting on the treatment serum, I put on the thick moisturizer as I have very dry skin. Thick moisturizer because it would take several hours to get absorbed and skin could heal when I am asleep.”

Conclusion –

So, this was the skin care routine by dermatologist and I am sure that we’ve covered everything from Day care to Night care.

Also, the product recommendation is going to save your time pretty much.

So, if you like this skin care routine by dermatologist make sure to share this post with your friends and family, who need the routine so bad.


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