Causes Of Acne On Face Due To Bad Habits

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There are lot of causes of acne, whether it may be on face or on other parts of the body. But today we are going to discuss only about face acne, because it’s more physical than other parts of the body.

The most denied and unrecognized causes of acne on face are caused due to our own bad habits. These bad habits can cause acne on the chin, cheeks, forehead, nose, under eyebrows, on the hairline, and on the scalp.

Now, let’s see all of the possible reasons that can cause acne and pimples and also the how can we treat them.

Causes Of Acne On Face With Treatments –

The common locations of the acne appearing on the face, we’ve already discussed that above. We are going to go from scalp to chin area, with all possible causes and treatments.

Acne on Scalp & Hairline

 Acne On Scalp
acne on scalp and hairline

Reasons –

So, what causes acne on scalp?

It’s caused due to haircare products. Choosing the wrong hair care products can cause painful acne and pimples on the scalp and hairline.

Even, not washing your hair regularly or improperly can cause acne.

Treatment –

Have a proper healthy hair care routine, choose hair care products which is suitable for your skin type.

Wash your hair daily, oil your hair twice or thrice a week following up with shampoo and conditioner.

Acne on Forehead

Causes Of Acne On Forehead
acne on forehead

Reasons –

Acne on the forehead can be caused due to a lack of sleep. Sleep is necessary for your skin cells to regenerate. Improper sleep or lack of sleep can definitely cause acne on the forehead.

Stress, having a lot of stress is not good for your health nor for your skin.

Also, improper diet can play can cause acne and pimples.

Treatment –

Make sure you have at least 8 hours of proper sleep. Also, for reducing stress start meditation.

Avoid dairy products except Yogurt. Have a diet which is less in carb and make sure to avoid sugary and oily foods.

We’ve talked about it in detail in our article about how to rid of pimples on the forehead.

Acne On Cheeks

causes of acne on cheeks
acne on cheeks

Reasons –

Acne on cheeks is serious and has a lot of reasons like,

Not removing makeup before going to bed. Resting on your hand or palms-on the cheek. Dirty pillow covers.

Also, your phone, yes, touching your phones screen can accumulate 1000s of bacteria on that screen and also, on your hand. Touching your cheeks, or phone screen touching while talking can lead to acne.

An article by the Parenting Firstcry also, states how phone radiation can cause acne on the face.

Treatments –

Always remove makeup with micellar water before going to bed. Try not to rest your palm or hand on your skin. Always wash your pillow covers every seven days.

Use your phone on speaker while on a phone call. Try to not touch your face after touching your phone.

Causes of Acne on Chin & Jawline

Reasons –

Acne on Jawline and chin is pretty common in teenagers. It’s mainly caused due to Hormonal Imbalance and stress.

This acne can get severe just like cheek, it’s better to keep protecting your skin with following solutions,

Treatments –

Hormonal Imbalance is pretty common, as becoming adult goes with some changes in the body.

But, if you are having acne, it’s not a common imbalance, make sure to check your diet. Limit eating red meat consumption.

Have spearmint tea, it may reduce the Testosterone level in your body and will balance your hormonal level.

Conclusion –

So, these were the most common reasons for causes of acne on the face. Common steps to avoid acne and pimples are to follow a proper skincare routine, avoid junk and sugary foods and not touching face.

Also, make sure to follow all of the give treatments to avoid acne on face.


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