Best Beard Growth Oil By The Man Company Full Review

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Everyone men have a dream to have a perfect beard and we do everything to have it. But sometimes our body compromises in beard, giving us patchy, dry, and incomplete just some hairs on cheeks.

But now don’t worry, the Best Beard Growth Oil by The Man Company is here to get rid of the patchy, incomplete, thin, and dry beard.

If you live in India, this is the best beard growth oil that you can get in the market.

Today, I am going to review this product, with pros, cons, how to use, and does it work? let’s check out!

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Beard Growth Oil The Man Company Review –

Beard Growth Oil By The Man Company
Beard Growth Oil By The Man Company

About The Man Company –

The Man Company is the pretty old company and usually sells skin and hair products.

This is an Indian Brand founded in 2013, you can know more about The Man Company here.

Packaging –

As you can see in the above image this beard oil comes with beautiful black box and it’s 30ml.

On the top side of the box, you’ll find the logo of the company, which is The Man Company.

This oil comes with the glass bottle and unlike other beard oil’s in the market, this one has unique design.

Best beard growth oil by the man company

Pros –

I used this product for 2 weeks now and the major benefits and Pros I’ve noticed are –

  • Increases Thickness
    • If you are having a thin beard, which might lead to a patchy and dry beard. This oil repairs your beard and gives them a dark thick look.
  • Colorless oil
    • Unlike many other brands and their beard oil, this oil has no artificial color, which makes it chemical-free.
  • Gives Shine
    • Using this product regularly will give your beard shine, nourishment, and luster.
  • Almond and Thyme
    • Almond and Thyme change the environment of the skin such that is helpful for your beard to grow.

Ingredients –

Best beard growth oil by the man company ingredients

As you can see in the above image, there are no harmful ingredients. Natural Oils like Argan, Jojoba, Hazelnut, Thyme, Almond oil, etc. are used.

These ingredients provide many nutrients for you hair, which helps you healthy and natural beard growth.

How To Use Best Beard Growth Oil –

  • Dry Your Beard
    • Before applying the oil, make sure to cleanse your face or just wash your beard with water and dry it out completely.
  • Massage At least 5 minutes
    • Open the bottle and take some 5 to 6 drops of beard growth oil on your palm and massage on your overall beard for 5min. This helps the oil to get inside your skin and hair.
  • Wash It Off
    • After 3 to 4 hours of application, wash your beard with a nice cleanser or skin-friendly soap. It is recommended to use Beard Wash for properly cleaning your beard.

You can use this product once a day if you already have a good amount of beard, or you can use it twice, if you don’t have any.

Pricing –

This beard growth oil by the man company is priced for 350 rupees mrp, but if you buy it from Amazon now you can get it for just 226 rupees.

Final Thoughts –

This is the best beard growth oil by the man company, and it’s the best in the Indian market, as you can see it’s also affordable.

I recommend you buy a combo of beard growth oil and beard wash, which can get you for 525 rupees.

If you’ve already tried out this product let me know in the comments and also write what is you beard condition now?

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