5 Oiling Mistakes That Cause Hair Fall

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Hair fall, one of the major issues seen in middle-aged people or old people now can be seen in teenagers. Why is that?

There can be various reasons for it, but I am going to discuss the most unrecognized mistakes that most of us do that leads to hair fall

Massaging your hair with oil after a warm, shampoo bath is quite refreshing as it feels to you, but, what about your hair? Do they feel the same?

As I said earlier, there can be various reasons that can cause your hair loss, if you are not sure what it is check out this article by Toppik.

Now, if you are sure that none of the other reasons are causing your hair loss, then that reason might be your wrong way of hair oiling. Let’s check out the mistakes we usually don’t recognize.

5 Hair OIling Mistakes That Cause Hair Fall –

5 hair oiling mistakes that cause hair fall
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#1 Stop Using Hot Oil –

Using hot oil directly on your scalp does not benefit anything, but can damage your hair and scalp at the same time.

Use warm oil instead, you don’t even need to heat it, just rub your palm vigorously till the oil gets warm enough.

Massaging with warm oil helps your scalp to increase blood circulation, and the better blood flow, the healthier the hair growth.

#2 Don’t Just Use Palms –

Massaging your scalp with palms will only make your hair greasy and it’s an incomplete massage.

If we want the oil to work we need to let it go deeper into our scalp and hair roots.

Use fingers and fingernails to massage your scalp. Dip your fingers into the oil and point your nails to the scalp and massage gently for few minutes.

Using fingernails oil will enter into roots of your hair and will make them stronger, reducing hair fall or loss.

#3 Massage Gently To Avoid Hair Fall –

Massaging your hair with oil vigorously will not do any good, instead will lead to hair fall.

Even while massaging if you notice hair loss then that might be the sign of vigorous massage.

Always remember to massage slowly, gently for 5-6 minutes.

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#4 Combing After Applying –

Due to continuous massage with warm oil, your scalp skin gets loose, which makes your hair weaker.

Instantly combing your hair after applying oil can led to hair fall or damage.

If you still want to comb, make sure to do it gently not roughly. I recommend you to use Wooden Comb, which is made for massaging your hair and scalp.

Although, you can use any comb, just make sure to do it gently and lightly, just don’t pull too much hard.

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#5 Don’t Wash Quickly –

Oil usually takes time to enter into your scalp and to do it’s job. Washing your hair in just 1 or 2 hours is not going to benefit you anything.

It’s just waste of time and oil. Make sure to at least wait minimum 4 hours before washing your face.

Though, it’s recommended to wait at least 7-8 hours before washing and that’s best way to do it.

I recommend you to massage your hair on weekends, and let your oil stay overnight.

Proper working of oil is necessary if you are facing hair fall and it takes time, so wait before washing it off.

A Tip: Make sure to wash your hair with cold water, it’s the best practice and won’t damage your hair, and makes it even stronger.

Conclusion –

These were some of the mistakes that we usually avoid in rush which causes us hair fall or hair loss.

Make sure to avoid those mistakes and see the result, and let me know in the comment section you experience.

If still your hair fall doesn’t stop, there might be other reasons and I am going to cover those soo. Make sure to sign up our newsletter and share our blog post!


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