Why Vegetarian is Always Better?

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Why vegetarian? I think this is one of the important topics that we should discuss more often, but we just make fun of the guy speaking about it, right?

Being Vegetarian is not only good for your health but also it’s good for nature. I became Vegetarian when I was 12 years old, there was no one to guide me, no one said that it’s bad, all were influencing me to consume Non-Vegetarian.

But, you know there’s a saying, “Children’s are god’s expression of hope” and now older me, never regretted leaving the meat. Eventually, I’ve influenced people to become Vegetarian.

Ok, I am not going to be talking about myths, hopes in this post, but 100% scientific references and the “13 Reasons Why Vegetarian is better”, I just pulled that out pretty great!

Let’s dive right in,

Why Vegetarian?

Why Vegetarian

As per my experience and by seeing other Vegetarian people around me I would just recommend you try out first. The experience you’ll have is so thrilling for your mind and your body.

Eating too much meat, red meat, chicken I think it clogs our body within and it does let us experience the happiness of our mind, our body doesn’t feel cool. Even sometimes our body rejects Non-Veg foods, I think you might have experienced this, at least once.

In a study at The Department of Nutrition, Benedict University, USA reported that meat-eaters or non-vegetarians, however, have higher stress and anxiety scores than Vegan and Vegetarians. (Here’s full report).

Surprisingly, there were no differences in Vegan and Vegetarians among depression scores.

Not just this one but more studies have proven, check out the study of Arizona State University.

I think now you might have found out one of the reasons for your depression and anxiety!

What Does Non-Vegetarian Food Do To Our Body?

Now, as we have discussed that consuming non-veg can cause depression and anxiety, but why,

what actually Non-Vegetarian foods do to our body?

Non-Vegetarian foods are the most complicated foods to our body, our body itself is pretty complex and consuming another living being makes it even worse.

Non-Vegetarian food stays in our body for 48-72 hours, and as compared to Vegetarian its 48 hours more. This makes our body lazy, we feel sleepy all the time, and have you noticed that almost everyone consume coffee for staying awake.

Really, we need some substance just to stay awake. Me myself doesn’t need any coffee or Tea, I mostly work at afternoon, and when I see my friends at afternoon who consume non-veg, are busy with their naps, haha.

Here’s the video of Sadhguru explaining what non-veg does to our body in a simple way. If you don’t know this guy I recommend you check out some of his videos.

When he was asked, whether he is Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian, he replied, HUMANITARIAN. Sadhguru has even said that Consuming Plants and Animals both are cruel, but we should be conscious and do it to a minimal extent.

Why is Non-Vegetarian Food Bad For Your Health?

Why is Non-Vegetarian Food Bad For Your Health?

As we’ve already discussed higher stress, anxiety, depression, and laziness caused by Non-Vegetarian foods. But do you know what these foods can do to your health?

Here’s an article by Joe Loria which states the 10 health concerns linked to the meat. Where he has mentioned health concerns like

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Harmful Cholesterol
  • Acne
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Shorter Lifespan

Also, if you have noticed or not, but as of my experience not much people who consume non-veg have died natural death. Many of them have died due to some disease mentioned above.

So, if you still might not have convinced, why vegetarian is the best food, because there are many questions like protein and body building, don’t worry, everything will be covered, just keep reading!

Vegetarian vs Non-Vegetarian | What Does Ayurveda Say?

Vegetarian vs Non-Vegetarian | What Does Ayurveda Say?

In this debate, why vegetarian and why not non-vegetarian, Ayurveda’s reference might help. Here’s what Ayurveda says,

According to Ayurveda, food is not just nutrition, it’s also the energy, it’s also the vibe that we put in, it’s also memories.

If we are eating non-vegetarian food, the vibes we put in are Anger, Fear, Violence. Basically, we are consuming stress, and that will come up in the form of Mental Agitation. Thus, your life will be more of what you consume.

A simple scientific explanation,

When we are killing an animal, the natural instinct of that animal is that they don’t want to die. So, the reaction of the animal when we are cutting it, the cell’s become extremely Acidic.

This goes for any animal, and whether you drain the blood, or you do it ethically, it is an acidic substance. As our body is Alkaline naturally, when we consume meat, our body goes through a process, where it converts Acidic to Alkaline.

In this process, extreme heat is released and that heat causes many problems in the body. That heat in the body is called Pitta, in Ayurveda.

This heat causes many issues like skin issues, stomach issues, depression, etc.

Why Vegetarian Food is Good For Your Health?

Why Vegetarian Food is Good For Your Health

Less Cruelty –

The best thing for the question of WHY VEGETARIAN? is less cruelty as compared to non-vegetarian. We can’t say there’s no violence in Veg, cause we do need to pluck plants for some foods.

Fresh Mind –

As we’ve seen earlier, the best benefit of accepting a vegetarian diet is a healthy mind. As our stomach is connected to the Brain, thus if your stomach is not good, or is burning with heat, you’ll not feel pleasant.

Stay Light-Weight –

If you are trying a weight loss diet, now check your diet, is there any non-veg items or red meat? no, right? Veg is the best option if you want to lose weight. Veg foods contain fewer fats than non-vegetarian and are even helpful to burn fat if ate properly.

Glowing Skin –

As our blog is about beauty, and if you too are facing any skin issues then, WHY VEGETARIAN? is again the question for you. Veg foods are the best for our skin. Most of the veg foods contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps eliminate acne and scars.

Stamina Booster –

If you have noticed, many athletes or sportspersons even celebrities are turning towards vegetarian or vegan. Virat Kohli, a famous Indian Cricketer, when he was asked about accepting vegan, said that he used to get tired quickly, even on the ground.

Why Vegetarian is Important for Spirituality?

Why Vegetarian is Important for Spirituality?

We discussed earlier that we eat stress when we consume non-veg food and for the spirituality stress can’t be helpful.

If you go into the spiritual aspect, if we take a hair, or nail out of a humans or animal’s body, our DNA is present in it. That DNA in the form of memory, basically all of our genetics is stored in that DNA.

Our memory is also the actual memory of our life experiences, thus, the animal has gone through certain experiences in his life. All these experiences is stored in his mind, body, etc.

Now, if we are eating animals, we are eating all of his memories like emotional memories, biological memories. These memories after we consume meat gets stored inside us, even his death memory, that’s what eating stress means.

Thus, spirituality might be impossible consuming non-veg, you can’t be happy consuming stress, right? that’s why vegetarianism, can only help enlighten your body to the path of spirituality.

I know you still have many questions about why vegetarian? and whether it can fulfill everything that non-veg does. Non-Veg or red meat does have some benefits like Vitamin B12, or Protein, good for bones, etc.

Keep reading, I’ve covered all common questions regarding why Vegetarianism.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions –

Why Vegetarianism is Bad for Body Builders?

Is it really? let’s take it as a modern lifestyle, if you are a fitness freak, you do consume meat for protein and fat, but don’t you too consume a Protein Powder or Mass Gainer.

If we can control the violence by consuming these powders, then why do we need meat? right?

Now, let’s come to the question, you can build a body using a Vegetarian diet, there are people who have done it, just Google it!

Just problem you’ll face is research, because, you’ll not get all protein from one vegetable, but you don’t have to worry now, I’ve done it for you check out an article by myfooddata.

If still, you aren’t able to arrange these foods, then here’s the Protein Powder we recommend.

Oziva Protein & Herbs for Men and Women – checkout now!

Is Egg Vegetarian? Why Vegetarians Should Not Eat Egg?

This is the most confusing question, as you might have heard the scientific fact that egg is not a non-veg as it doesn’t contain any living. About fertilized eggs, it might be non-veg, cause after some time the embryo starts to form in eggs.

It’s totally your choice, though we have a great alternative for eggs,

Hinduism and Ayurveda favor Lacto-vegetarian, which means milk-based products. Thus, Paneer here can easily compete with egg in terms of protein.

A study has found that 100 grams of Paneer and Egg contains the same amount of protein that is 14 grams.

Conclusion –

Note: If you are not ready to give up non-veg then it’s ok, I am not trying to force you into Vegetarianism/Vegan. I am just explaining the benefits you could get.

This article is for the people who are thinking or searching the question WHY VEGETARIANISM.

As we’ve discussed almost every reason for being Vegetarian, the final conclusion is if you want to give a shot, just do it. Let’s see how many days you can go without meat.

In that period make sure to experience your body before you crave on your friends Chicken Wings.

And again, it’s not for everyone, your body will definitely tell you that when you need to stop, trust it really tells us just we need to hear at that moment.

Let me know in the comment down below if you are going to try veg and if you’ve already begun, make sure to share your journey with us too.

Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

~Albert Einstein

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