What Causes Oily Skin? Symptoms? Treatments? Home Remedies?

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DO YOU KNOW? According to The International Dermal Institute, clinical studies states that more than 40-55% of the teenage and adult is diagnosed with acne and oily skin.

Also, in India, most of the adults and teenagers go through oily skin issues. Me myself has dealt with extreme oily skin conditions and it’s neither hard nor easy to cure.

Why I said that, because it actually depends on how you pamper your skin, weather conditions, healthy diet, regular exercise, proper skin care products, good habits, hormones, and genetics, etc.

But you don’t have to worry, you don’t have to be conscious about each and everything, everything above mentioned can be the reasons but not all. I will go through the primary reasons which cause oily skin and also give proper treatments for each reason, keep reading!

What Does Oily Skin Mean? Do you have it?

Before moving further, let’s first understand what does oily skin mean. Because, if you don’t know your skin type, don’t be too eager to finalize it, before you read this article. I’ve seen many people misinterpret between combination and oily skin type. Let us first understand.

Difference Between Combination and Oily Skin –

When you feel greasiness and shininess mostly on your T-zone, which includes the forehead, nose, and chin area and your cheeks are dry then it’s not oily skin. It’s a combination skin type.

The only difference between Combination skin type and Oily skin type is that, our whole skin gets greasy and shiny, including our cheeks. This condition in oily skin type stays in every season.

Note: In some cases, which is also well known, your skin might change according to weather. Probably you’ll find a difference in the winter season. For example, in other seasons except winter your skin completely oily, but in winter season you’ll notice your cheeks getting dry. This is also a known skin type called oily to combination.

If you have the above mentioned condition then it does count in oily skin type, but, make sure that in winter you have to change your skincare products and habits.

What Causes Oily Skin? What’s it’s Scientific Aspect?

According to Skinkraft.com, our skin produces natural oils whenever it gets dried out to make our skin healthy. But, sometimes it produces excess oil, it’s also called Sebum, this makes our skin look shiny and feels greasy.

DO YOU KNOW, the skin is the largest organ of our body, but, the facial skin is 10 times weaker than your back or other body parts skin. As our largest organ, this gives us a major reason to take good care of our facial skin.

Now, we’ve seen the scientific reason for how does our skin becomes oily, but now, you might ask, what’s the exact reason for excess sebum or oil production?

Well, the exact answer is that you need to find out on your own. Because it depends, there are a couple of reasons that your skin is producing excess oil.

But don’t worry, we are going to cover the major reasons and make it easy for you to figure it out without being conscious every time when you do something.

Common Oily Skin Causes With Solutions –

causes of oily skin

Again, there are various reasons that may cause over oil production, but what I’m going to mention are the most common and major causes. These causes are most likely major problems of over sebum production. Let’s checkout!

#Poor Fitness or No Exercise –

Fitness can play a crucial role in oil production if you do not exercise regularly, your body is not going to sweat. When you do not sweat enough, that sweat is going to come out in the form of oil.

When you exercise and sweat your skin opens pores and cleanses them naturally, this also eliminates dark spots, acne, and over oil production.

According to HelpGuide.org, regular exercise can eliminate Stress, Anxiety, and Depression which are also the major causes of over oil production.

Benefit of treating your oily skin by exercising is that you can eat whatever you want, you don’t have to crave. But if you are lazy and can give up food but no exercise and still want to treat oiliness, keep reading!

#Poor Nutrition or Poor Diet –

Are you eating a lot of oily, fatty, sugary, and dairy foods? Stop right there buddy, cause that might be the reasons you’re not glowing.

If you want better skin, the first thing you want to stop is oily food, there’s no exception here, oily foods have never done well for our body except our tongue. It just boosts our sebum production, so strictly no-no!

About fats, no every fat is bad for your skin some are good, but, here we are talking about saturated fats. Stop eating packaged foods, which most of the time contain saturated fats. Also, stop eating red meat and chicken, eat fish instead. Here we’ve discussed in detail why non-veg is bad for our skin.

#Poor Hygiene or Poor Habits –

If your skin gets breakouts occasionally not regularly, then your hygiene is the issue. Poor hygiene means not having a proper skincare routine, touching your face consistently with dirty hands, drinking less water, wearing dirty fabrics, etc.

We’ve already discussed 10 best and worst habits already, you can check out the article here. These habits can change your skin for good, make sure to follow them.

#High Testosterone –

If you are facing over oil production in teenage, this can be the major problem. As there are hormonal changes in these days, teenagers might face many skin problems. But the hormone which causes more oil production is Testosterone.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone, it plays a vital role in developing muscles, hair, bone mass, and overall growth. This hormone might be important but high levels of Testosterone can lead to skin acne and a major cause of oily skin.

To control the level of Testosterone, there are several foods that you can eat but, I have got much better treatment for you.

Here, we’ve discussed the 6 best tea that can lower Testosterone and are best for oily and acne-prone skin. Check out the article and make sure to try one of the tea, based on your skin condition. I recommend you to try out Spearmint tea if you are facing oily skin.

#Long Hot Baths –

Are you bathing for hours and hours, do you know that long hot water baths can completely dry out your skin. Hot water also dries out essential oil which is necessary for skin nourishment.

Try to avoid long baths, here’s a bathing tip, start your bath with hot water avoiding your face. After a while end your bath with lukewarm or cold water. This works best for me, as you start with hot water your body gets loose, and with cold water, skin gets tightened.

Make sure though your bath time is 10-15 minutes.

Home Remedies For Oily Skin –

Don’t think that home remedies do not work and are not proven by doctors. The reason they are not proven because you are stealing their money by using home remedies.

I am going to mention just one most effective home remedy for excess sebum production, which personally I used and got rid of oily skin.

  • Take a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of Multani Mitti (fuller’s earth).
  • Add some fresh curd, depending upon the quantity and thickness you want.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and sprinkle some rose water.
  • Optional – You can add 1 tablespoon of honey (good as a natural moisturizer)
  • Now, stir it well and create a thick paste and apply over the cleansed face and neck.
  • Wait for 15-20 min, till it dries completely and washes it off using cold water.

Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth sucks and cleanses the oil, pores and makes your skin feel fresh. If you don’t have Multani Mitti you can use Besan or Gram Flour as well.

This remedy works miraculously and even helps to get rid of acne, spots, and wrinkles and gets you a glowing skin.

Before wrapping this up, just wanted to answer a FAQ –

Is Oily Skin Bad?

Oily skin can be bad and have a negative impact on our daily life. But it also has some vital benefits for our skin. Oil on our skin is a natural sunscreen and avoids wrinkles.

So, if you’ve excess sebum, don’t worry it’s just protecting you from the sun and premature aging. Though it can cause acne and pimples, so you need to control your oil production.

I hope this article helps you to get rid of oily skin and make sure to share this post with your friends and colleagues.

Stay tuned, in the next article we’ll be discussing the best skincare products for oily and acne-prone skin.


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