How I Gotten Rid Of Bad Skin

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Bad Skin can be really traumatizing for some people, but not everyone’s skin is bad when they’re born, it’s actually we ourselves the reason for bad skin.

If you are facing similar issue like bad skin, acne, oily skin, or may be even worse, don’t worry I’ve covered my every experience with skin behaviour.

The major factors like skin type, hormones, diet, and also proper hygiene perform a major role in skin problems, let’s find out your reason and fix your skin permanently.

My Early Life With Bad Skin –

So, how was my experience with bad skin? well, it wasn’t that bad as everyone says, because c’mon there’s a lot of things to look after, the skin is one of the parts obviously.

But I think it was discriminative sometimes, at the time when I was in school, my classmates used to make fun of me, and as I was an angry teen kid, I used to lose temper on them.

I completed my school with the acne all over my face, I was always mentally strong and I bared my skin for it. After school, I decided I will now fix my skin, but how? that was the problem.

As I came from a typical Indian middle-class family and also I was only 16, I wasn’t supposed to spend my money on skincare products. If I do, the products I bought were even less than an American dollar, you guys will not believe but it’s true as visible sky.

My Experience With Home Remedies –

There were many challenges, so I dropped the idea of using products, because, at that time I didn’t have much money to test tons of products, but here’s the twist my mother suggested some amazing typical Indian Nushkhe, which always works. I know how you people might say that It’s not scientifically proven, and blah, blah.

Before taunting on the remedies I think you should first try and see the results. Of course, results won’t come in just first use, neither cosmetics gives results instantly. Important note, I am not biased for home remedies or Ayurveda, I do use products, so do the remedies, can’t miss, it’s essential.

How to get rid of bad skin

I still remember the first skincare home remedy I used, it was easy normal, just some lemon juice with milk, they did really worked for my existing pimples, and also at that time my skin was completely damaged and it took me a couple of years to recover. Even today there’s still some tan that was caused like 5 years ago.

There are tons of home remedies for each and every bad skin problems. Check out here for some Besan/Gram flour home remedies to treat all types of bad skin issues.

Ok, apart from my boring story, lets come to the point that what was the reason and how did I fixed my bad skin.

What Was The Main Reason Of My Bad Skin?

3 years ago when I went to college for higher educations, I researched a lot on Google, watched Youtube videos. learned about the process of acne, pimples, dark spots, scars, blackheads, oily skin, etc. Even now I am still learning but the information was like heaven. I got to understand many things and found myself so foolish that what the hell was I doing all this time.

All the time I was just damaging my skin. Most of the time it was internally, but can’t ignore physical aspects too.

Testosterone, The Real Culprit?

I have oily and acne-prone skin, my skin is too much oily and causes pretty much acne, also, my Testosterone level is damn high!

Some say it’s good to have a high level of testosterone, and it does not cause any acne, but here’s the scientific fact,

Testosterone is a major sex hormone and it overproduces sebum and melanin on the skin and causes oily skin. After hair follicles are clogged due to oil with blackheads, it causes pimples or acne.

Here you can find all scientific info about how high Testosterone can cause acne and oily skin or bad skin.

Or, Pitta The Real?

This also depends on their body type, and my body type is Pitta, as in Ayurveda it means heat, burning heat. Usually, pitta resides in the stomach, and this type of person usually faces skin issues, stomach issues, headaches, emotional imbalance, etc. But it can be controlled.

Here you can know more about Pitta Dosha in detail.

May be, Over Washing, The Oil Miner?

If you think that washing your face more often will keep your skin good and healthy, then you’re wrong my friend.

This is the worst skincare habit that anyone can do, this is also one of the major reasons for bad skin. Not always the oil on your skin will pop new pimples. Oil is an essential element of your skin, it keeps your skin hydrated, nourished, and protects your skin from wrinkles and dry skin.

So, by washing the face more often, your skin will become dry and then it’ll start producing more oil as it has to protect the skin. The dry your skin gets, the more oil it’ll produce. This is also the major reason for excess oil production.

I wish I knew it earlier, but you know now, so stop washing your face more often. The best practice is to wash your face twice a day with a suitable cleanser.

Foods That Made My Skin Bad –

I wish I knew my body type earlier, I would have become more cautious while consuming foods and drinks.

There were many foods that were causing me acne, pimples, and over sebum production, but couldn’t understand at that time. So, what I did was, I divided days and stopped all the extra foods that I would consume like fast foods, drinks, nuts, milk, curd, etc.

How I got rid of bad skin
Watery Mouth, huh, then bare your bad skin!

Once, I thought that it was about homemade food, but trust me, there can be some foods which are not good for you, but homemade foods are always the healthy ones, so always eat them.

So, while doing my hardcore research I found many foods that were not suitable for my skin,

(note: the list below is not for everyone, I’ve even seen people who eat everything and has clear skin, it depends on skin type and allergies that causes bad skin.)

  • sticky foods
  • oily or fatty foods
  • sugary & salty foods
  • nuts
  • cold drinks
  • milk
  • chocolates
  • packaged foods
  • fast foods

I noticed my skin change instantly when I started consuming milk, nuts, and sugary foods. Whenever I consumed almonds, I always got acne on my skin, the same happened with dates. Some say that they are actually good for skin, but I think it’s not for every skin type.

Whenever I consumed milk, sugar, and nuts my skin used to get oily, my pores used to get wide open with a bunch of blackheads on my nose, with pimples popping on my cheeks and tip of the nose. That was the worst part like pimples appears instantly but at the time of disappearing it would take like a lifetime.

This may not comply with everyone, this is my experience with these foods, you can check an article by Vivewellness, they’ve talked about some common myths with acne and oily skin.

How I treated My Bad Skin

You don’t actually need to follow any hardcore diet or expensive cosmetics, or therapies here, just some proper information and a good routine.

Suitable Skin Care Routine –

I started to follow a strict skincare routine, and I still do-follow. Trust me a good skincare routine is enough for minor skin problems like acne, pimples, dark heads, spots, etc.

A good skincare routine includes –

  • Cleansing (face wash twice daily)
  • Exfoliating (once or twice a week)
  • Toning (optional, but good for oily skin)
  • Moisturizing (Must for every skin type)
  • Sun Protection (Must, always wear a good sunscreen before going out)

If you don’t have any skincare routine, my friend your skin is craving for it, I have an amazing guide for basic skincare routine with product recommendations, you should really check out before going further.

Intake Of Nutritious Foods –

As it’s important to take care of outside, as much it’s necessary to take it from inside. As I mentioned earlier the list of foods that made my bad skin even worse, I completely stopped consuming it, just to see the results.

And the results were amazing, my skin was clear of acne and pimples, just the oily skin, without any bumps. To control the oily skin, it’s important to have healthy nutritious foods.

I started consuming fruits rich in Vitamin A, and C like,

  • orange
  • lemon
  • mango
  • watermelon
  • papaya

It’s necessary to consume loads of fluids too, and the water is essential to the skin. That’s why consuming fruits with a high amount of water in it is pretty beneficial for oily skin.

Also, not to forget to always try to eat homemade foods (all vegetables) and for making them more antioxidant you can add a spoon of Pure Cow’s Ghee.

If you too have a Pitta Dosha, then make sure to consume at least 70-100 grams of yogurt daily or alternate days. Yogurt is like God in terms of treating pimples and acne, its amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties heal your acne within. Also, yogurt cools down the heat in the body.

Heavenly Home Remedies –

As I said heavenly, because c’mon guys, if you live in India, if you are a guy, you don’t buy cosmetics too much, except cleansers and moisturizers. And also why to spend too much on chemicals, right?

In typical Indian home, we have everything, like herbs, honey, oils, flours, yogurt. We just need to use them together and create a magical paste.

As my skin is oily and acne prone, this is what I do in my free time,

  • Taking some Besan/Gram flour in a bowl.
  • Adding some Yogurt and Lemon juice.
  • Now, the final topping, some drops of Rose Water.

Gram flour helps tighten the skin, Yogurt deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin underneath, and Rose Water the natural toner helps balance your pH level.

If you have dry skin, instead of lemon add honey.

There are tons of home remedies for each of skin problems, and it has actually helped my bad skin to recover my complexion.

No Exercise = Bad Skin!

Everyone has told us to do exercise, not only it’s essential for our body but also our skin.

Working out makes our organs strong and healthy but do you know what’s our bodies largest organ?

Skin, yeah you’ve read it right, it’s skin. Working out and getting all sweaty helps your skin to open pores and also cleanses skin naturally. Not only externally, but internally it also improves blood circulation, collagen production, and brings our real skin back.

How I got rid of bad skin
Running can also eliminate stress. less stress, less oil!

Working out can also eliminate skin tan, isn’t that amazing!

Exercise is essential, not only for treating bad skin but also for leaving a healthy life.
I go out for running every early in the morning and run till my whole body sweats out.

Keep this in mind, after working out make sure to take bath as soon as possible, don’t let your sweat dry on your skin, it may cause rashes and skin infection.

Conclusion –

Bad Skin, it’s typical, maybe genetics, or bad routine or diet. But we can do cure it. Also, I won’t deny the medical treatments cause if your skin gets worse you don’t have any other options.

Proper medication by dermatologists can get rid of your severe skin problems. The above all remedies, tips mentioned are good to follow, and it has no side effects.

Let’s break down in Summary to treat bad skin –

  • The reasons for bad skin –
    • Increase in Testosterone
    • Pitta body type
    • Over-washing your face
    • Foods, or negative (allergic) foods
  • How to treat bad skin –
    • Good skincare routine
    • Intake of nutritious foods
    • Trying natural home remedies
    • Exercise is a must!

Treating your skin is not easy nor it’s expensive, just hard work and determination will pay off. It’s not a one-day thing, not any skincare product will guarantee you to recover bad skin in just one day. It takes time and consistency.

I hope this would help you motivate and not to be demotivated if you have bad skin, our confidence lies within us, not in our skin.


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