How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight Naturally

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Oh no! you got a pimple and it’s not a very pleasant time to have a pimple or acne, by the way, none are though. You’ve to go out tomorrow maybe for a meeting, presentation, or a date!

You don’t want your date or manager to have a bad impression on you? right?

Well, pimples are natural and we don’t have to be uncomfortable with it. That doesn’t mean you can’t deal with it. There are various methods to do, but we are going to cover only natural methods that are faster than medications!

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Before going further to natural methods to get rid of pimples overnight, if you live in hostel or by some reasons you cannot gather some items below,

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Natural Methods to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight –

#1 Using Ice Cubes on Affected Area –

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight Naturally

Ice is really great for our skin, using ice cubes directly on your acne or pimples might reduce the inflammation. Ice cools down the inflammation and thus it’s size gets reduced.

Applying ice consistently on will gradually decrease it’s size and inflammation finally getting rid of pimples completely.

There are numerous benefits of ice for skin, especially for the face. Rubbing an ice cube on the overall face every day is good for your face. Check out an article by Beautiful.

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#2 Lemon Juice –

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight Naturally

If you have pimple or acne marks then lemon juice if for you.

Lemon juice contains Citric acid and is high in Vitamin C also they are anti-inflammatory. Citric acid dries out of the area and reduces the inflammation.

Apply lemon juice on the affected area using a cotton swab and keep it pressed gently for a while and wash it off using lukewarm water. Do this 4 -5 times a day till the pimple or acne blemish fades away.

There are some side effects of applying lemon juice, your skin can get dry, sting, itch, and also might kill good bacteria. But will surely work for your pimple.

Also, I’ve been following this remedy since my first breakout and it works well. Give it a try and get rid of pimples overnight.

#3 Turmeric –

 pimples overnight

These anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are what everyone is looking at while treating swelling acne.

Turmeric sure is god’s special gift to humans as its uses are tremendous in numerous ways.

Indian’s are using turmeric in their diet and you’ll be surprised also on face as facial mask since thousands of years. Ayurveda has already mentioned many health benefits of turmeric, even before modern science. So yeah, we can count on it.

Apply powdered or wet Turmeric on your pimple or acne scar and leave it. Turmeric will dry the acne and reduce the size of the inflammation. Thus finally getting a complete rid of acne.

But there are some side effects though, this can sting and dry out your skin, and sometimes the color won’t come out early. But it surely does its job.

This is trusted and a powerful grandmother home remedy to get rid of pimples overnight!

#4 Aloe Vera –

 pimples overnight

Aloe Vera might not help in getting rid of pimples overnight, but it might avoid appearing.

Using natural Aloe Vera gel daily will boost your blood circulation flow and will also fade acne or pimple scars.

Aloe Vera also kills only the harmful bacteria and naturally nourishes and soothes your skin.

Also, if you have a pimple just apply some on the affected area and leave it overnight, aloe vera might help in reducing swelling and cool down the pimple.

#5 Honey –

Get rid of pimples overnight facecaretips

Honey, another gift from ancient India, more than turmeric, ant-bacterial, antioxidant anti-fungal, and healing properties makes it perfect for acne and pimples.

Take some honey on a cotton swab and apply it on the affected area and keep it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

It’s anti-bacterial properties will make pimples shrink and reduce swelling. It’s healing wound properties will make sure to heal the inflamed area completely.

Thus, honey can easily get rid of pimples overnight naturally.

Note: These numbers mentioned are not rankings, they are random. All of the methods mentioned are as effective and will work.

But you’ve to be consistent. Some pimples won’t go overnight, but small, or appearing pimples might go away.

If these methods were helpful make sure to share this post who is looking forward to going to a big date or event and has got a bump!


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