How to Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home | 2020

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How To Improve Eyesight? well, this is one of the most requested questions. But can we really restore our lost vision? 

To get these answers I researched and examined our Indian ancient classical texts. I even myself had a spec for 4 years, and I always asked many questions to the doctors. So, I am going to go with both perspectives here. 

But, what I found was all the medical experts have no other solutions than surgery. On the other hand, Ayurveda has a set of simple practices through which thousands of people have already recovered their eyesight.

To this day present doctors won’t be able to digest this fact. 

But Ayurveda clearly mentions that irrespective of what your age is all you need are a few natural ingredients, a conviction in your mind, and a strong determination to get rid of these crutches forever.

Now, get your first checkup done if you haven’t, and let us get started with natural remedies to improve eyesight.

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally | Ayurveda:

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home | 2020


#1 Do You Splash Water On Your Eye Early In The Morning? 

Early in the morning after waking up, I believe that majority of us do splash water on the eyes. 

However, while treating serious medical conditions like a lost vision it is important to take your eyewash routine to the next level.

To accomplish that here some next-level steps –

  • #Step 1: Fill Your Mouth Full With Water.

This expands the eye muscles properly.

  • #Step 2: Splash Cold Water On The Eyes A Few Times.

This will give an instant cooling effect to the eyes, you can feel it. But wait, it is not over yet. 

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home | 2020

 Use Rose Water For Eyes – 

Once your eyes are wide awake and cool, a rosewater wash is the next thing to do. You need to buy an eyewash cup, easily available in an optical and Ayurvedic shop.

#Step 1: Put About 15 Drops Of Pure Gulab Jal (Rose Water) In the eye Cup.
#Step 2: Fill Rest With Cold Water.
#Step 3: Now Place It On Any One Eye First.

Hold firmly and ensure that water does not spill out from the sides.

#Step 4: Open Your Eye And Move The Pupil Around.

Make sure that the Rose Water touch that eye surface, move your pupil in all direction, so that water gets circulated in all sides of the eye. Spend about one minute doing this for one eye.

#Step 5: Throw This Water & Refill For Other Eye.
#Step 6: Place It Firmly On Other Eye & Repeat The Procedure.

Now, this completes your eyewash routine in the morning. 

This itself is tremendously helpful to calm down any inflammation which is one of the root causes of weak eyesight. 


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 #2 Eye Tonic –

After the eyewash, the next thing to drink this powerful homemade tonic, that will directly nourish the nerves of the eyes helping restore lost vision.

#Step 1: Take 7 Soaked & Peeled Almonds (Gurbandi Almonds).

Gurbandi Almonds are small-sized almonds, a native of the Indian subcontinent, which is way richer in oil, Vitamin A, E, and other nutrients.

#Step 2: Take 4 Seeds Of Whole Black Pepper. 
#Step 3: Sweeten It With A Bit Of Thread Mishri (optional).
#Step 4: Put All Three In The Mortar & Using A Pestel Together To Form A Smooth Paste.
#Step 5: Take A Pan In Low Flame & Put One Glass Of Milk In It.
#Step 6: Add The Paste In It.

Now let the milk boil for 10 minutes on low flame.

#Step 7: Pour It In A Glass After 10min (do not strain out the mixture).
#Step 8: Drink This Powerful Formulation Sip By Sip Slowly.

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally at Home | 2020

Now, to get maximum benefits, do not eat anything for the next hour. After that, you can have your regular breakfast. 

 #3 Take Care Of Your Eyes –

Working in the office? It is extremely important that you take care of your eyes. Of course, if it’s our job to sit in front of the computer screens then work, we can’t ignore that.

Even though this Ayurvedic routine will surely revive and improve your eyesight. But, a few measures taken can really speed up the recovery process by 2 times. 

#Step 1: Take Breaks Every 45min, Close Your Eyes. Sip Water. 
#Step2: Relax Your Eyes By Rubbing Your Palms & Placing On Eyes.
#Step 3: Whenever Free Press Some Acupressure Points, Move Your Pupils Around.
#Step 4: Wash Your Eyes every time You Go To Washroom After Filling Mouth With Water.


People wearing spectacles have increased 4 times in just the last 10 years. And the reason found out to be excessive exposure to the computer & mobile phone screen.

Obviously, the gadgets make eyes extremely dry, this is where these small tips come to the rescue. 

How much time you really need to look at the screens and how much time you are just compulsively looking at them is a choice that you have to make

There are a few more tips that can really amp up the improvement and recovery of your eyesight. Like how? Like this.

  • Avoid walking barefoot – weakens the eye muscles.
  • Blink more often – prevents drying of eyes. 
  • Sleep in the darkroom – avoid dim lights. 
  • Protect your eyes from heat – wear sunglasses.
  • Eat one amla a day – great for the eyes.
  • Use screen guard – protect your eyes. 
  • Eat eye strengthening foods – carrot, ghee, moong dal. 
  • Practice Sarvaang Asana – increases blood circulation 

 #4 Eye Soother –

Before going to bed at night you have to take 1tsp of Mahatriphala Ghrit along with 250mg of Abhrak Bhasam.

Follow this with one glass of warm milk.

Mahatriphala Ghrit is a combination of Ghee, along with dozens of herbs that calm the heat and dryness of the eyes.

Abhrak Bhasam, on the other hand, is prepared from the Mica and several other indigenous herbs.

Both Mahatriphala Ghrit and Abhrak Bhasam are classical Ayurvedic medicines highly effective in treating eye disorders. 

#5 Optical Massage –

Just before going to bed or before sleeping take a few drops of Mahatriphala Ghrit on your hands and massage the soles of your feet. 

The nerves beneath the soles are directly connected to the optic nerves. This instantly improves blood circulation, which helps improve vision. 


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#6 Maha Eyes Drops –

Finally, the last step to improve your eyesight is to put a couple of eye drops of the same Mahatriphala Ghrit in each of your eyes (2 drops/eye). 

Wait for about 10min before you open them. Eyes will go blurry for a while, that’s when you know that Ghee has nourished your eyes. 

The glory of Mahatriphala Ghrit has been sung in the ancient texts. 

Mahatriphala Ghrit is a dangerous compound, not because of its Efficacy, Safety, or non-toxicity, but only because it is simple and therefore threatens the medical perception that eyes should only be treated by doctors.

This is the power of classical Ayurvedic medicines, even though they have been giving miraculous results, it’s sad that it is still reluctantly approached by doctors both in India and around the world. 

Conclusion –

This concludes the routine to improve eyesight naturally at home and get rid of the spectacles to see this beautiful world. Follow this regularly to get amazing results, this routine has no side effects or whatsoever. 

Ok, Let’s Recap – 

  1. Early in the morning – wash eyes full of water (rosewater with eyecups)
  2. 1 hour before breakfast – Drink Homemade Tonic made out of Gurbandi Almonds.
  3. Take care of your eyes regularly.
  4. Before going to sleep at night – have a mixture of Mahatriphala Ghrit and Abhrak Bhasam, followed by a glass of warm milk.
  5. Just before sleeping – Massage soles of your feet with Mahatriphala Ghrit. 
  6. Finally, put two drops of Mahatriphala Ghrit in the eyes.
  7. Now, sleep well.

Bringing blurry vision back to normal is no joke, but if you really want to get it, you have to seriously follow this routine for the next few months. 

If you do follow, our ancient texts guarantee that you will get visible results.

Get your first checkup done after 30 days of following this routine. As far fetched as it may sound there have been numerous case studies that have consistently proven, that this routine works. Whether it is for 9 years old or 60 years old. 

I do want you to follow this routine religiously and share your results in comments or one of our social platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions –

How to improve vision in 7 days?

Well, as I said earlier, restoring your lost vision is no easy task. You have to be determined and follow this procedure for months, though I guarantee you, results will be amazing.

How to improve eyesight without glasses?

Though doctors might suggest or you don’t have a choice but use glasses. Using glasses cannot improve your eyesight trust me. Most of the time your eyesight will be getting worse day by day. 

What best can be done is to follow the above-mentioned routine and you’ll definitely see the results.

How to improve eyesight with foods?

Improving eyesight just cannot be done from outside as most doctors don’t even suggest foods to consume. 

Foods like Green Leafy, Nuts, fruits with citrus juice, Legumes, whole grains, etc. For more food suggestions check out this article by eye envision eyecare.


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