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Want to De-tan your skin? This is the only post! Today I am going to share with you a very simple but highly effective home remedy that just works like a spell. Only one splash and you will see the contrast. 

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What is a Skin Tan and how it’s caused?

Tanning is your physique’s natural protector upon the Ultra-Violet (UV) rays of the Sun which can diminish the skin muscle in the form of a sunburn.

Unnecessary disclosure to the UV rays induces the skin cells to create a pigment called Melanin which begins the Tan.

Well, this is not about fair skin and dark skin, it’s regarding receiving your original skin tone back. It’s about eliminating the dead skin covering that gets collected on the skin due to unnecessary sun exposure.
It’s all regarding just about getting healthful and bright skin.


Accordingly, let me show you 1 simple solution, a proposed and experimented home remedy, a self-made face mask which easily de-tans your skin in just 1 splash.


Simple Home Remedy To Naturally De-tan Your Skin –




  • Besan (Gram Flour)
  • Dahi (Curd)
  • Haldi (turmeric)
  • Honey
  • Sandalwood Powder (Chandan)
  • Rose Water



  • Take 1 tbsp of Gram Flour (Besan).
Cheak Pea Flour or Besan ought been used for de-tanning and improving one’s skin color for ages. This super cleansing qualities leave your face resembling its best EVER.
  • Mix 1 tbsp of Curd (Dahi) in it.
Enhanced with Lactic acid, the curd is a typical bleaching factor to battle Sun tan instantly. 
  • Now add a pinch of turmeric (1/4tsp).
Recognized for its anti-aging qualities Tumeric patches the damaged skin and relieves the skin color. 
  • Add 1 tsp of Honey in it.
Honey loosens the pores and unclogs them off the dead skin cells. Complete of anti-oxidants a normal moisturizer and soother, honey gives a radiance to the skin.
You can use every honey for this home remedy. 
  • Add half 1/2 tsp of Sandalwood Powder.
The natural oil present in the sandalwood powder (Chandan) effectively helps to get rid of the Suntan.
Sandalwood powder can easily be purchased from a grocery shop, for your convenience here is the link.
  • Last, add 1 tbsp of rose water. 
Rosewater due to its astringents qualities benefits clean pores and colors the skin.

Now, once you have put everything in the bowl make sure to mix them thoroughly and make a smooth paste.

Your magic de-tan homemade face mask is ready.

  • Using your clean hands apply the mixture over the tanned areas of the face and other tanned parts of the body. 
While applying, mildly massage with your fingers or cotton swab in a circular movement for a minute or a couple.
Once the paste is equally concealed let it remain and do its work for about 20-30 minutes. 

Lastly, clean it off using cool water. 

In just one splash you’ll see a notable decrease in tanning. Really do not believe me try it out for yourself and comment on your results.


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De-tan face naturally at home, simple home remedy
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De-tan face naturally at home, simple home remedy
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Conclusion –

You can use this facemask daily or at your convenience. I prefer to use this facemask 30 minutes before going to a bath.
Follow this procedure thrice a week for better results.No de-tan and fairness creams can ever give you the results that this face pack will give you. What most companies do is that they one or two natural ingredients and along with that they add a lot of harsh chemicals.
Do not waste your money on such creams and stick to basics if you can.

For many years now, if there’s have been any home remedy that I follow to de-tan my skin it is this, its work like magic. 

Now, you do not require to dodge the sun, go outdoors, and play. Experience the beachside, primarily enjoy the sun because now you understand that tanning is not a more major obstacle for you. 

I am very positive that this home remedy will do miracles for your skin. Also, this does not have any side-effects. I assume this can be part of your everyday skincare regime.

Don’t forget to try this out, at least once just for your sake, and make sure to share your de-tanning journey with us on any social media platforms.

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