Aloe Vera Gel – How To Use Aloe Vera Gel on Skin?

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Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have much time to take good care of our skin, hair, etc. We don’t want to have tons of products to use, sometimes having a routine to follow is even stressful sometimes. But we have to follow it. 

Today, I thought I should share with you this product (which I really love), which will reduce your cosmetic product count and also might save much time for you. This product will benefit your skin nourishments, help you get rid of spots, acne, also nourish your hair, and much more, keep reading.

I will not make you wait much more, here it is

Nature Republic’s New Soothing Moisture Aloe vera Gel –

Aloe Vera Gel - How To Use Aloe Vera Gel ( 2020)

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So, this is the product by the Nature Republic, this product doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. The company also claims that it is 92% Aloe Vera which is amazing.

You can get cheap many Alovera Gel in the market for a pretty low cost, but they some harmful chemicals that might harm your skin.

I’ve been using this product for a couple of years now and this is the best skincare product that I’ve ever used.

Okay, apart from history and chemistry now, let’s talk about some amazing uses of this Aloe Vera gel and also how I used it.

10 Ways To Use Aloe Vera Gel:

20 ways to use Aloe Vera Gel

#1 Sunburn Treatment –

Aloe Vera is naturally cool and soothing, also it contains properties to heal the skin. Many pieces of research have shown that applying aloe vera gel on burns will reduce and aid mild sunburns.

#2 Natural Moisturizer –

Aloe Vera gel is extremely moisturizing without being oily at all. Aloe Vera absorbs on the skin quickly which makes it an ideal moisturizer for not only oily but also for dry skin.

I have oily skin and I apply this gel after bathing and cleansing my face. The best part it gets absorbed quickly and also prevents excessive oil and sebum production.

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#3 Face Mask –

I have been using aloe vera gel as a face mask. Just like other face masks, which are hell expensive, I tried this natural face mask. 

Apply this gel on your cleansed face before going to bed and leave it overnight if your skin is dry. Oily skinned can apply this for 20 minutes anytime before a bath or as you are comfortable.

You can follow this routine twice a week. If you already have a face mask that you have in your routine, don’t worry, you can use them both.

#4 Skin Healer With Aloe Vera Gel –

We go out for parties, events, etc. but sometimes the places where we go are not pleasant enough, your skin might attract some hungry mosquitoes. That will eventually bring mosquito bites.

What I do is before going out I apply this aloe vera gel onto my skin which is physically exposed. This gel will help your skin to heal mosquito bites, reduce redness, also your skin will feel less itchy.

#5 Acne & Spot Treatment –

Aloe Vera is a natural acne and spot treatment. Apply aloe vera gel before bed, keep it overnight, and wash it off in the morning. You will see your spots fading just after one use. Though you have to keep using it as a routine for best results.

For acne to apply aloe vera generously on your skin or affected area, what gel will do is boost your blood flow and will kill harmful bacteria. This will reduce redness and skin irritation.

Keep following this routine for better results.

#6 Cracked & Dry Heals Treatment –

Whatever our job is, most of us are on foot sometimes. Even I like to walk barefoot, but it hasn’t been pleasant for my foot. I’ve got many cracked heels. 

So, this is where I used aloe vera gel, it has moisturizing, healing properties. I used it along with the foot file. This gel takes away and heals the skin without any irritation and pain.

#7 Aloe Vera Gel Hair Mask –

Many of us like to take proper care of our hair, but using many chemical products like styling and holding gels, sprays, and blow dryers might dry out your scalp.

This is where aloe vera gel comes in, you might think this gel is only for skin. But aloe vera can be used for hair too. So just give it a try, apply on your wet hair before bed. Leave it overnight and see the magic.

Aloe Vera gel will moisturize your dry scalp, nourish your hair. Really try this out for your hair.

#8 Shaving Foam –

This gel does well and even better than shaving cream. This allows you to see exactly where you are shaving. 

Aloe Vera gel is also a little bit lubricated so the razor just glides across the skin really well.

This also reduces any kind of redness, irritation, lumps, or bumps which creates while shaving. You can apply this again after shaving as a moisturizer.

#9 Eye Mask With Aloe Vera Gel-

I’ve also been using this gel as an eye mask. Though you have to be very careful as many products say to not put anything on the eye. But it’s actually safe as this gel is above 90% and also it’s water-based.

So, take a cotton pad, take a big blob of gel, put it on your eye, just lay for some time. This will naturally cool down your eye, make your eye area brighter and you’ll feel fresh.

As I said earlier you have to be careful with this, we can’t put any aloe vera gel inside our eye, make sure to properly shut your eye. This product might not do much harm if it slipped inside. But still, be careful.

#10 Daily Hair Product –

Due to its amazing moisturizing and soothing properties, as we’ve already seen it as a hair mask, but we can actually use it as our daily hair product.

If you are an office guy ad really concerned about your smell, then I prefer to use it on weekends or off days. 

Just apply to wet hair, after drying out, it really gives a good hold to your hair. You can again take some gel and style it as you like. This has enough hold to last for a day.

So these were my 10 ways to use aloe vera gel. This product is like an all in one for your skin, hair. There also might be many other ways to use this product or aloe vera gel, if you know any make sure to comment and share your views.

I am going to keep buying this product, I’ve been using for a year now. You can check out the product link down below.

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