5 Must-Have Skin Care Products This Winter

Winters are around the corner and this is the time when we can spend days lying inside the blanket. Also, this season is not so skin-friendly. 
Chilly climate and lack of humidity outcomes in dry air which steals away the moisture from the air as from the skin.
This results in dry and dull skin, dandruff, and frizzy hair and not to forget the low immunity levels causing frequent colds and coughs.

Surely you would be having your own favorite products to fight, but unfortunately, most of the products in the market are loaded with many harmful chemicals that damage the skin in the long run.
Well, you didn’t have to worry as I’ll share with you my personal 5 essential skincare products for a smooth, happy, and productive winter.
Before jumping toward winter skincare products I would like to tell you that none of these products are sponsored, these are all my personal recommendations. I am just like you a consumer who likes to use genuine products.
So Let’s begin with the number 5

#5 Lip Balm 

How many of us pass a winter season without getting chapped lips. Dry lips are one of the most common problems in winters and lip balm comes to its rescue. 
But are we using Vaseline, petroleum jelly if yes then you need to read this out,
Petroleum, as the name suggests, is a by-product of the petroleum industry, the thing is that it doesn’t really hydrate the skin but only created an illusion all the while suffocating your pores. 

Did you know that one of the most common side effects of using a petroleum-based lip balm is darkened lips? 
So what option do we have,

5 must have skin products this winter
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I came across a toxin-free lip balm by Kaumudi, made from essential oils it truly natural and safe for your lips, that’s why it’s on the 5th number of winter skincare product list. 
You can buy 4.5grams of it for rupees 232, which will easily serve you throughout the winter.

#4 Shilajit 

So, number #4 on the list is Shilajit, surprising isn’t it?
Well, Shilajit is one of the most underrated winter products, in my opinion, yes knowing its numerous benefits you won’t be able to stay away from the starlike substance this winter.
First of all, Shilajit gives a warming effect on the body, much needed in the winters as it will keep you energetic throughout the day.
Most surprising is that Shilajit is anti-aging, yes, it purifies the blood which makes your skin glow naturally. 
Shilajit improves blood circulation while clearing toxins out of the body, which benefits our skin, that’s why it is one of the essential winter skincare products.
Not only for skin but, Shilajit is also a strong immunity booster, so a daily dose of Shilajit will help you stay away from the common cold, cough, and even fever.
5 must have skin care products this winter
Pic source: amazon.in
I recommend you to buy Patanjali Shudh Shilajit, whose 20 grams will cost you 94 rupees. 
For best results have a couple of drops of it in milk at night.

#3 Face Moisturizer

No surprises here, we all know how winter steals away the moisture from the skin, moreover the skin our face is much thinner than on our body and accordingly needs more care. 
However, it is said that most face moisturizers in the market they do hydrate the skin for a while but take away a lot from it.
In India, cold cream by Pond’s is the most widely used moisturizer. We all have been using it since childhood isn’t it?
But have you ever gone through its ingredients loaded with suspected Carcinogens like mineral oil, methyl cone, carbomer, parabens, etc it may cause acne breakouts, allergies, and even age your skin prematurely?
Also not to miss the perfume in it which may have over 200 undisclosed chemicals under the name of being patent.
Not just the Pond’s, most commercial moisturizers have these harsh chemicals. 
Now for this winter skincare try a toxin-free moisturizer 
5 Must Have Skin Care Products This Winter
Pic source: amazon.in

Kronokare Face Cream – Moist Urge is one great option. Made from beetroot, enriched with vitamin E, this moisturizing cream is free from all harsh chemicals o bought 5 grams of it for rupees 700. 
Yes, a bit expensive but it is truly safe for skin. Also, our facial skin is delicate so why to compromise in it. 
Though if you cannot spend such an amount, you can go with Indian brand The Man Company Daily Moisturizing Cream.

#2 Hair Oil 

You might say how come hair oil is in the skincare category, but hey, our scalp is also a skin, which also needs to be properly nourished, right?
When winter comes around you won’t be surprised to see yourself losing a lot more hair in the shower than you normally do. 
Dandruff and frizzy hair are other major major problems which get aggravated during the winters.
I assure you by just using properly a pure hair oil you can solve all these problems. And when I say pure oil I don’t mean the mineral oil-based perfumed hair oils which are all over the market these days.
Yes, the so-called Amla and almond oils in the market have 40% and 74% mineral oil in it respectively.
Many other hair oils have alcohol and cosmetic colors in them. Ditch all these and stick to natural basics.
A pure oil having just one single ingredient the oil itself is all that you need.
Now which hair oil to use also depends on which region of India you come from.
I would recommend you mustard oil if you are living in the North or Eastern India and coconut oil and almond oil for people living in South and Western India.
For best results massage your scalp three-four times a week at night and wash it off in the morning.

#1 Body Lotion 

When dry air and cold weather take a toll over your whole body a body lotion is all that you need.
Just Herbs Cascade Moisturizing Day Care Lotion is one good option made from aloe vera extract wheat germ oil and sheer butter, this body lotion is great for winters. 
But why just herbs? why not India’s most selling Nivea’s hydrating body lotion. 
Well, again the answer lies in their ingredients, where Just Herb’s body lotion free from all toxic chemicals, Nivea’s body lotion has Paraffinum Liquidum, Carbomer, Parabens, and Perfumes.
It is due to these cheap ingredients that you get these products at cheap prices in the market, but in the long run, such cosmetic products damage your skin from within.
I bought 100ml of Just Herbs Body Lotion for rupees 642, I think it’s worth its ingredients.

5 Must Have Skin Care Products This Winter
Pic source: amazon.in

If you cannot spend too much amount, here is Mamaearth’s Healing Natural Body Lotion With Argan Oil, Mamaearth is known for fewer chemicals to use, so this might also be great for you.

But still, my preferred choice would be the first one.

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So these were the five essential products that I believe should be a part of your personal care kit. 

And I have to confirm that none of these five brands have paid me, nor I am against any brands. I judge a product on its merit.
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