10 Most Common Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best (2020)

Skin is the largest organ of our body, so yeah, we should give some more priority and should take good care of it.
But most people carelessly do some worst things to their skin, which makes their skin worsen even more. This makes appear acne, pimples, rashes, itchiness, dark spots on your skin. 

But no more now, in this post I will discuss the best habits and the worst habits to get flawless, glowing, and clear skin always.

For this article, I’ve picked up 10 Common Skincare Habits and divided them into two categories, 
  1. Best Skincare Habits and,
  2.  Worst Skincare Habits
Best Skincare Habits


Let’s first talk about the,


Worst Skincare Habits:

#1 Picking Skin –

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


People keep touching their skin and pop out the pimples. Poping out the pimples is the common mistake that most people make. 
A popped pimple can bring out Pus, and also spreads the bacteria and pushing them in the skin.

This creates swelling and brings out more breakouts. Many people I’ve seen keep touching their face consistently, I mean every time like while using a smartphone, Laptop, after tying their shoes, after opening doors, etc.


Already there are tons of bacteria sitting on your devices, on your door, etc. touching those even makes your hand full of bacteria, now these bacteria get transferred to your skin when you touch it.

These bacterias create more skin problems like acne, pimples, etc. That’s why changing this habit might reduce your breakouts.


#2 Over Washing –

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


Are you washing your face pretty much in a day? 


Washing your face more often might be harmful to your skin, now you might say what the heck, we’ve heard that cleaning our face is healthy for our skin. But hey, just read this


Anything you do, if you do it over-limit that’s gonna be harmful to you.


 and the above line is also relatable to your face. When we keep washing our face more often, our skin starts to get dry, and in response to this, our skin starts to produce more oil glands.

This makes the situation even worse. The best practice is to wash your face twice daily, first after you wake up and second before going to bed.

Most of us forget to wash our face before going to bed, but it’s important it washes, cause our all-day bacteria, pollution, and makeup needs to be washed. Not washing your face before bed can bring a lot of breakouts.


#3 Too Many Chemical Products –

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


Have you ever checked the ingredients of your skincare products that you use?
This is sad that most of the Indian market is filled up with many poisonous chemicals which can also lead to Cancer.


Using these products consistently can even damage your skin, so make sure to always use natural, skin-friendly products.

I’ve suggested many natural skin care products in my previous article, you can check out here. Also, make sure to not use too many products on your skin rather making your skin healthy, they can damage it.


#4 Stress –

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


Nowadays, stress, depression, and tension are like part of our daily life. We don’t even have a clue that how they make our body hollow from inside.


Stress can create such chemical reactions in the body, which makes our skin sensitive.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in stress you get more breakouts?

This happens because mental stress can bring such hormonal change in our body which starts producing more oil on our skin.


Spending time in nature, meditation, daily exercise are some of the effective ways to get rid of the negative thoughts, it also gives happiness to your body within.


#5 Salt + Milk –

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


Now, this can seem weird, but Ayurveda says Milk and Salt are opposing to each other and can be poisonous to our skin. 
You can many medications, used tons of cosmetic products but if you are drinking these combinations together, you’re messing with your skin.


Salt and Milk are the opposite diets. Mixing them together and drinking can cause acid reactions in your body, which also can be seen on the skin.

Make sure to avoid eating salt with milk like tea with salty biscuits or chips, etc. Keep a minimum of 30 minutes gap. 

So, these were some worst skincare habits –
#1 Picking Skin
#2 Over Washing
#3 Excessive Use Of Chemicals
#4 Not Washing Fabrics Regularly
#5 Combining Milk & Salt
Come on now, let us talk about Best Skincare Habits which will make your skin more healthy, smooth, glowing, and clear.


Best Skincare Habits:



#1 Food – 

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


Someone has said truly that healthy “skin is possible from within the body”. You’ll be surprised to know, that we can do many things to get our healthy skin from within.
1. Avoid Spicy Foods
 Eating too much spicy can lead to acidity and the body which has increased acid, there’s always skin problems. Also according to Ayurveda, this is the root cause of all skin problems.
So if you have skin problems stay away from some spicy food and ingredients.

2. High Fiber Foods –

Dietary fiber helps to remove all poisonous matter from the body which helps in glowing skin. 


Whole wheat, Semi-brown rice, Millets (bajra), Oats, Beans, Lentils (dal), Vegetable salad is mandatory in your diet.


3. Avoid Negative Foods – 

If you have sensitive skin, then you have to stay away from some vegetables like brinjal, ladyfinger, jackfruit, etc. which are too sticky. 

4. Soak Dry Fruits  – 

If you get too many pimples then you should eat dry fruits after soaking in water overnight and make sure to remove their skin before intaking.
Eating dry fruits raw or with their skin can increase heat in the body which leads to acne and pimples. 

5. Minimum Sugar & Salt  – 

Still, if you face many skin problems after trying all the above make sure to avoid and reduce your intake of sugar and salty foods.
Sugar and salt stop kidneys from flushing toxins. An increase in toxin can lead to itching in the body.
6. Avoid Packaged Foods – 
Stay away from packaged foods as much as possible. Made with preservatives, all these stale foods can damage your skin.
7. Eat Homemade Foods – 
In this pandemic, we are already eating more homemade foods, as the “stay home, stay safe” is the way to get rid of COVID 19. 


Similarly, “eat homemade, be healthy” (doesn’t sound that good though) is the best way to make your skin glow within.


#2 Exercise – 

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


Daily regular exercise increases the flow of blood circulation in all organs of the body. As we know that skin is the largest organ of our body, which means more the blood flow, more nutrients, and oxygen to our skin.
Sweating due to exercise opens pores of your skin, which helps to remove dirt hidden inside your pores.


So more the exercise, healthier the skin.


#3 Wash Your Fabrics – 

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


Fabrics that constantly come in contact with your skin like your clothes, towel, pillow covers, bed sheets should be washed nicely at least once a week.


Excess oil from your skin, dirt, bacteria needs to be cleaned otherwise can lead to oily and acne-prone skin.

If your skin is sensitive then I will suggest you avoid synthetic fabric and prefer the cotton fabric.

#4 Be Hydrated – 

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


You might have heard from beautiful celebrities that their secret of glowing and flawless skin is drinking plenty of water.


Just like other cells, our skin cells are made up of water, without the adequate amount of water these cells can’t function properly.

Giving your body a proper amount of fluids will make your skin healthy and smooth. You can also increase fluids by intake of soups, juices, smoothies, tea, fruits, and also by some vegetables like cucumber, tomato, etc.


#5 Skincare Routine – 

Skincare Habits Ranked Worst To Best


For a healthy skincare routine, I would like to share a simple, cheap home remedy that will give you glowing and flawless skin just by sitting at home.



  • Take a big tablespoon of Besan (gram flour)


  • Add a small tablespoon of curd and honey
  • Finally, add 4-5 drops of lemon juice.
Now, apply this mixture on your face, let it dry for 15-20 minutes and wash with cold water. This will remove your skin dead skin cells and your face will look clear.


Try this remedy twice a week and just see the magic.

I have a detailed article on natural skincare tips and skincare routine you can check out here



So, these were some Best Skincare Habits –

#1 Food
#2 Exercise
#3 Wear Clean Fabrics
#4 Be Hydrated
#5 Maintain Healthy Skincare Routine


These were some Worst Skincare Habits and Best Skincare Habits. If you follow all these tips properly I guarantee that you’ll never face skin problems again.


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Best Skincare Habits
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