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Acne is one of the most common skin problems in humans, almost 80% of the people suffer from acne once in a lifetime.

Most of them get Acne between 11 to 30 years of age. That is the time when their hormones are all over the place. 
Being a teenager I have faced acne and pimple issues. My skin is oily and acne-prone, and its the worst type. 
Before jumping forward I want to clear out some misconceptions that Acne and Pimples are not the same things.
Yes, you read it right, Acne is an infection or disease and Pimples are its signs or symptoms.
I Hope now misconceptions about Acne and Pimples being the same is cleared. 
Before talking about getting rid of Acne, let us first know-how is it created?

What is Acne and how is it caused? 

What is Acne and how is it caused - FaceCareTips

When glands of our bodies over-produce oil/excess oil and combine with dead skin cells. This block our pores and hair follicles, due to this blockage bacteria grows inside clogged pores and finally causes breakouts, which are called Acne.

But there are various factors like skin types, genetics, etc. which decide the severity of acne.

There are various types of Acne and you might be thinking that will this face care tips will work for you or not? 
You don’t have to worry about it, these tips will definitely work for all types of Acne.

Now let’s talk about getting rid of the Acne, treating your Acne should be done from outside as well as inside. Both are requisite.

Natural Skin Care Tips For Getting Rid Of Acne Physically –

1. Do Not Touch Your Face –

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of cane and pimples.
First things first if you are suffering from acne do not touch your face. Constantly touching your face can cause breakouts. 
This happens because of the bacteria from your fingertips can easily transfer to your face.
I know this is difficult, even for me it’s difficult to stop touching, some people like me have a habit of touching the face. 
But if your have acne-prone skin then make sure to not touch your face.

2. Do Not Pop Pimple –

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of acne.
Popping a Pimple can push the infection out of the hair follicles into the surroundings. This will cause more inflammation and making acne longer to heal or even to cause a severe acne scar.
Also, the bacteria can spread towards the non-affected area leading to cause even more acne. So repeat after me never ever pop a pimple.

3. Wash Your Face Twice A Day –

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of acne.
Cleaning your face often will keep your oil production low, kills bacteria, and rinse away the dead skin cells.
Always remember to wash your face gently, because if it is done aggressively it can irritate the skin and provoke breakouts.

Use any facewash which suits you. I have a recommendation, 
use Tea-Tree Oil-based facewash due to their antibacterial power, gently remove sebum, excess dirt, and makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

So wash your face in the morning and before going to sleep at night.

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Best Tea Tree Face Wash For Acne and Pimples - FaceCareTips
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4. Drink Plenty Of Water –

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of acne.
Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it is affected when you don’t drink an adequate amount of water. 

The Toxins, Bodily waste, and even Bacteria can be trapped within your skin, without hydration to flush them out which can increase the possibility of Acne.

So make it a habit to drink 8-12 glasses of water per day.

5. Wear A Sunscreen –

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of acne.
Going beyond a normal limit to exposure to ultraviolet rays damages the skin and extends inflammation, causing red acne marks.
So if your skin is prone to acne make sure to apply sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun.

6. Take Shower After A Workout –

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of acne.

If you are prone to acne then make sure to take a shower after a workout. Taking a shower after exercise will remove all the dead skin cells that your body has shed off through sweating. 

If it is not possible to take a shower, at least use a wet towel to wipe down and remove all the sweat.

7. Avoid Smoking –

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of acne.
We all know that smoking has negative effects on the skin. Some researches believe that smoking can cause or provoke acne breakouts.
The smoke of Cigarette contains monoxide which replaces oxygen and nicotine in your skin. This reduces blood circulation, causing dry and discolored skin.
Smoking can also exhaust many nutrients, counting Vitamin C, which protects and repairs skin damage.
So if your skin is prone to acne it is better to stay away from all kinds of tobacco.

8. Avoid Wearing Too Much Makeup – 

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of acne.
Now this one is for ladies out there, unfortunately, makeup can cause acne and may make whiteheads, blackheads, pimples inflammation worse.
But this does not mean you cannot make up at all.
The finest acne treatment address is to select makeup which is labeled non-comedogenic. 
Non-Comedogenic products are less likely to clog pores, which can significantly reduce oil and bacteria build-up that leads to acne, inflammation, and scars.
Here we have some recommendations for non-comedogenic products – Checkout here

9. Sleep Well – 

Get rid of acne and pimples fast | Natural ways of getting rid of acne.
If you are not getting enough sleep, then chances are that your skin hasn’t had the time or the ability to renew skin cells.
Another factor connecting sleep deprivation to acne is to increase in Cortisol hormone in the body.
Cortisol in turn causes the skin to secret more sebum which results in acne. 

Conclusion –

These were some of the important physical skincare tips that most of them are not aware of.
There are even more, but these affect the most. But this is not enough, as much important skincare is physical, that much is important internally as well.

Proper Nutrition is the key to healthy skin, we’ll talk about it later, for update make sure to follow FaceCareTips on Facebook as well as bookmark our site.
Good skin makes me feel pretty, and it makes me feel healthy, and it makes me feel happy.  ~ Cara Santa Maria 
Happy Healthy Skin😊 


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