Excess Protein Will Make Your Skin Cause Acne | Here’s How!

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Protein can be an important part of the people who are obsessed with body and muscle building.

Often we see so many models and people who want a fit body built muscle, they come up with these high protein diets.

Sometimes the consumption of the protein is too excessive that it brings out oiliness on their skin, acne happening on their face, chest most of the body.

Excess intake of protein can also lead to hair fall. 

Ok intro apart now, let’s take a look at 

What Is Protein? 

Proteins are nothing but a mixture of hundreds of thousands of tiny units called amino acids, they are attached to each other with long chains on it.

Amino acids are nothing but organic compounds made of oxygen or sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon.

There are mostly 20 several types of Amino Acids that are fused to make Protein.

And What Does It Do To Our Body?

The functions of the protein to our body are they create hormones, enzymes, and many other body essential chemicals.

Do you know that our nails and hairs are made up of protein?

Protein also helps and builds and maintains tissue, that’s why it’s an important diet for children and athletes.

Ok now let’s keep chemistry apart, the question is if the protein is so much essential for our healthy body then why excess protein can do critical harm to our skin.

Now get ready cause more chemistry part is coming up, but don’t worry I’ll try to make it simple, let us take a look at

Why Does Excess Protein Do To Our Body –

Before explanation understand one thing that doing anything excessively will always be harmful. There is a limit to everything, try to stay with that limit, it is called a balanced life.

There is a misconception that whey protein is good for health and does not have any side effects, but it’s not the case, whey protein to have side effects.

Side Effects Of Excess Protein Intake –

It is mostly healthy if took an appropriate amount, but side effects can go severe like grown bowel syndrome, bloating, nausea, stomach cramps, tiredness, lowered appetite.

These were all about side effects that can cause due to excess consumption of protein for our body. 

Now let us take a look at 

What Does Excess Protein Do To Our Skin  –

Protein is also an essential element for good and healthy skin. As it is said that protein is the building block for skin tissues. Protein helps the growth of skin cells which is important for glowing skin. 

Protein also helps in removing toxins from our body, but excess protein intake might do worse. It will also remove some important nutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, and Zinc from our body, which helps for better skin.

How Much Protein Intake Is Adequate For My Skin & Body  –

Most of them who have an extreme protein diet usually take Protein Powders which are easily available in the market.

But make sure to be careful before buying any protein powders, cause if you are a beginner you might choose the wrong one and some of them are just fake products.

MuscleBlaze beginner’s whey protein supplement 1kg

Best Protein Powders For Beginners - facecaretips.in
pic source: amazon.in

MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% with added digestive enzymes unflavoured 1kg –


Best Protein Powder For Beginners - facecaretips.in
pic source: amazon.in

Optimum Nutrition on Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder 907g with double rich chocolate –


Best Protein Powder For Beginners - facecaretips.in
pic source: amazon.in

If your protein intake includes these or kinds of protein powders and you face skin issues. you should really have to balance your protein intake.

It actually depends on how much do you workout. But if you are a beginner The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that fitness freaks or bodybuilders intake 1.2 to 1.7 grams per Kg of their body weight each day.

But it is recommended to start slow. keep your intake low as you start, as your workout increases, so do increase your intake.

Whenever you start to feel or notice acne or breakouts or any certain skin side effects. it’s better to consult your nutrition or doctor.

Or what you can do is just reduce your protein intake. Make sure that you follow the major skincare routine. If you don’t have a good routine, here’s what you should checkout –

Skincare Routine By Dermatologists!

If you have too much rich animal protein diet, some breakouts might cause depending on your skin and body condition. You should know what is your body type, in Ayurveda, there are 3 types of body types Pitta, Kapha & Vatta. 

health rich foods

I have mouth ulcers, there are pimples popping on my skin. Mostly on the face and back, they are painful.

If your body is capable of handling animal protein intake then you can continue your diet. But if you face any sort of skin issue, you might want to consider protein powder or a vegetarian diet.

Though it is not proven that eating non-veg can cause pimples, but taking too much protein can whether it is through food or powder, make sure to know your limit.

Conclusion –

Hence, the final conclusion of whether the excess protein can cause acne and might worsen skin is a real thing.

Not just about protein everything we do excessively will give us no good, only harm us in different ways.

So make sure that you have a balanced intake of your protein, whether it is through protein powder or through an animal diet.

Thanks for reading till here, make sure to share this post if you like it with your friends who is bodybuilding freak and cannot live without protein.

Happy Glowing Skin!


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